Affordable Web Sites

Affordable Web Sites

We provide cost effective web solutions for small businesses.

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We love developing affordable web solutions, but what really drives us is helping your business succeed through the work we do together. We focus on the following:
  • Open communication
  • Jargon free advice
  • Listening to your needs
  • Being cost effective
  • Being realistic
  • Being honest

WordPress development from Cumbrian Web


We build web sites using WordPress CMS. We do all the development and design ourselves so you always know who you are dealing with. We focus on the following:
  • Clean functional design
  • Theme development
  • Responsive web development
  • User access if required
  • Plugin configuration
  • SEO optimisation

Cumbrian Web deliver affordable web solutions


We offer a complete solution including design, development and hosting; allowing you to control the cost of your project as a whole. We focus on the following:
  • Built on time to specification
  • Secure UK site hosting
  • SEO submissions
  • Quarterly site reviews
  • Security updates and backups
  • Monthly rental plan

Affordable Web Solutions

At Cumbrian Web we strive to provide quality, affordable web solutions. By offering our services as a “complete” package which includes design, development and web hosting, we are able to fully control our working environment and keep the cost of your project to a minimum. This means we can offer you an affordable web solution.

Web Design

Clean fresh web design from Cumbrian WebTo create a pleasing design we interpret your website requirements in terms of what your business does, who you provide your services to and what aspirations you have for the future. Your website should portray your business clearly and effectively. By keeping your design clean and intuitive you will appeal to the widest possible audience.

Web Development

Responsive web development from Cumbrian WebDesign refers to the look of your website whereas development refers to the build i.e. the technologies which will underpin your site. By doing both the design and the development ourselves we can make sure there is no conflict between the two. Design and development are carefully balanced to improve your search engine ranking.


Inclusive web hosting from Cumbrian WebTo make your website accessible from anywhere in the world you will need to have a web host. We include web hosting as part of our “affordable web solutions”. This allows us to offer you a very competitive web package. One that lets you start small, growing bigger as and when required. We use a reputable UK based provider, so you get a safe reliable environment where you can store and run your web site.


Inclusive web site support from Cumbrian WebAll our affordable web solutions include server side administration and user access for updating content should you wish to do so. Some people enjoy updating their site but others either don’t want the hassle or simply haven’t got the time. If you’d rather we managed the content for you, then we are happy to do so for a small additional charge. You decide how much you want us to do for you.

Cumbrian Web

Cumbrian Web are based in the historic border city of Carlisle in the UK. We know how important it is to showcase your products and services on the Web without having to blow your budget. We produce affordable web solutions for the small business community; helping you to stand out from the crowd.

We offer a jargon free service, working closely with you to get your message across. If you’re looking for someone who produces quality websites at realistic prices then please contact us. We don’t work from an expensive office or have lots of people we need to pay. We keep things small and simple to offer you the best possible deal.

We really do take a genuine interest in our clients business and prefer to work on only one or two projects at a time so that our full attention can be given to you.

We will always recommend the best solution for your business even if that means we are not the ones who can carry out the work for you.

All our affordable web solutions include:

  • Design – custom theme with a clear attractive layout.
  • Development – based on WordPress CMS.
  • Hosting – 12 months hosting and server administration.
  • Support – with user access for content updates.